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Why Co-Ray-Vac Slashes Fuel Bills up to 50% or More and Improves Comfort Conditions

Co-Ray-Vac uses less fuel than other heating systems because it heats a building and the people inside in the same manner as the sun heats the earth. The sun does not heat the earth’s atmosphere directly; rather its infrared rays strike the earth, people and objects. These, in turn, act as heat reservoirs and release heat into the atmosphere by convection to raise the ambient temperature. A good example of this is how a concrete sidewalk will continue to release heat even after the sun has set.

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Likewise, Co-Ray-Vac spreads a gentle blanket of low-intensity infrared energy that warms the people, floor and objects in a building directly. These also act as heat reservoirs and raise the room temperature through convection. Consequently, Co-Ray-Vac offers many benefits that result in improved comfort conditions and greater fuel cost saving.

Uniform Comfort. Co-Ray-Vac is a custom engineered system with burners firing in a series to provide even heating and uniform comfort throughout the building.

Greater Comfort at Lower Temperatures. Because of the principles of infrared heating, the thermostat can be at 5 to 10 degrees fahrenheit lower with Co-Ray-Vac. This saves fuel, yet people stay warm and comfortable.

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Less Heat Stratification. Since the air is heated indirectly, there is less stratification (warm air rising to the ceiling) and less fuel needed to maintain warmth at floor level.

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Reduced Building Heat Loss. The greater the difference between the temperature outside and the ambient temperature inside a building, the greater the heat loss due to infiltration and transmission across the walls and roof. Not only does Co-Ray-Vac reduce stratification and resultant heat loss through the roof, it warms people directly, so shirtsleeve comfort is maintained at a lower ambient temperature. With less difference between the inside and outside temperatures, there is less heat loss.

Rapid Heat Recover. When doors open – especially large bay doors – the warm air sweeps out of the building. With Co-Ray-Vac, not only are the floor, people and objects heated directly, they act as heat reservoirs so that there is rapid heat recovery and less fuel wasted when doors are used.

Clean, Quiet, Draft-Free Heat. Mounted from the ceiling, Co-Ray-Vac heats quietly without drafts or blowing air. It wll not spread dirt and dust or interfere with normal building operations.

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